pxiao asked:

Sai finally asks Naruto why he loves Sakura so much and when Naruto is listing, He has no idea that Sakura is listening as well. as Sai dragged her there and was getting tired of the two of them ignoring their feelings.

narusakuheadcanonstofics answered:


“So Sai, why did you drag me to this bench behind the academy?” Naruto asked clearly confused.

“What isn’t spending time with each other what friends and teammates normally do?” Sai asked

“Yeeeaah, but why were you so focused on meeting at this spot?”

“I had something to ask, that I’m somewhat embarrassed to ask in more public places.”

“I swear if it’s if I’m a guy, I’m going to—” Naruto threatened.

“No, not that. I’m pretty sure you’re a boy, even if your penis is pitifully small.” Sai added

“Saaaaaaaiii!!!!!” Naruto roared trying to strangle his friend, which Sai dodged. Naruto in his anger didn’t notice that the bush behind slightly rustled when Sai made his remark.

“So what the fuck do you want then?” Naruto nearly spat in his anger.

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